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Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL): Webpages

The programme is offered in English as a common language of the international community and since it is the most commonly taught language in CALL. An excellent knowledge of English is thus required.

How Can I Tell if a Website is Reliable?

1. Who authored (wrote) the site?
2. Who published the site?
  • Don’t ignore the suffix on the domain name (the three-letter part that comes after the “.”). The suffix is usually (but not always) descriptive of what type of entity hosts the website. Keep in mind that it is possible for sites to obtain suffixes that are misleading.
    Here are some examples:
    .edu = educational„
    .com = commercial
    „.mil = military„
    .gov = government
    „.org = nonprofit 
3. What is the main purpose of the site?
4. Who is the intended audience?
5. What is the quality of information provided on the website?
6. How does it all add up?

Evaluating Sources

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